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    Raid controler SRCSASRB


      hi !


      First, sorry for my poor language.....


      I have a intel raid controler SRCSASRB pci-e 4x on Asrock mainboard A790GMH/128M. SRCSASRB and Asrock have latest firmware, OS is W7 X64 with all updates. 5x HDD Samsung 1To with raid 6 plugged on SRCSASRB (port A 0 to 3 and port B 0)


      Raid bios failure on every start, but SRCSASRB runs fine with raid bios console 2 (try to plug SRCSASRB on pci-e 16x or 4x, same result). Ctrl+G is ok because i can see message that raid bios start after initialization. I don't find why raid bios don't start, any idea ?


      A red led is blinking on SRCSASRB board, what is this led ?


      Where found smart information for hard disk plugged on SRCSASRB ?