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    Help with Intel(R) Management Engine Interface


      Please forgive the this low level question.  Hope you ca help me.  I was running the compability software for Windows 7, when the results indicated that the Intel(R) Managemet Engine Interfance was NOT compatible. Can this be upgraded? Including system information.

      Thank you

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          This does not appear to be a vPro system nor does it appear to have AMT. Either way, I am not familiar with this system. I'd recomend asking Gateway if they have or plan to release a driver.


          My general experience is that Vista Drivers for ME work fine in Win7, just set Vista Compatibility mode. Also, unless you have a reason to install the ME drivers, you don't really need them. I deal with many vPro systems that never load this driver, and the ME works just fine. However, a disclaimer...I have never worked with that system (or even any G33 based systems) so your milage may varry.