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    DH55HC vs DP55KG for i7 870


      Building a system with an i7 870 CPU and it was suggested to me (by the store assembling the system for me) I should go with the DH55HC motherboard. Obviously since I'm using the i7 870 I don't need the integrated graphics aspect of the DH55HC.


      Most of what I've read seems to indicate I would be better with the DP55KG. The computer will be used for multi tasking, downloading and assembling large files at fast speeds, extracting large rar'd files (10+ Gigs) and playing 720p MKV files I am going with Kingston 2x4GB RAM and the system will be housing 5 SATA 300 Hard Drives, 3 of which are in a Hot Swappable mobile rack Sata Backplane.


      For this setup Im wondering should I go with the DH55HC that the store wants to use, or would the DP55KG be better for my requirements?