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    Raid Rebuild taking a long time and computer shutdown


      I had experienced one drive of my Raid 5 to go into degraded mode. Well now I am rebuilding the volume but it was estimating 107 hours initially.


      Nearly two days later it is 40% complete and says it has 67 hours still left to go.


      This is Raid5 with three 2TB Western Digital HDD.  Writeback cache is enabled on Intel Storage Matrix console.  Is it normal for a rebuild to take this long with these settings?


      I think I may have discovered a problem because power settings in Windows 7 x64 was set to spin down drives after 20 minutes.  I read another discussion that suggested turning that off.  I did that to hopefully prevent this from happening in the future.


      Well one other question also, does the computer need to stay on during the entire rebuild or is it safe to shut down and restart the computer at all?  If restarted, will it continue where it left off or completely start over?