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    Desktop Board DP45SG


      Well this board I bought it about last 2 years and its a great board. Altought it was a board that lack of backward compatible such like IDE, COM port, PS-2 Port, Floppy. At first i got diffculty to install the WinXp SP3 in my raid HDD cos WinXp need floppy to install raid driver. However I finally install it. So my problem is lately I upgrade the bios since my first default bios version was SGP4510H.86A.0083 to the latest bios version SGP4510H.86A.0125. I had no problem with the first release bios SGP4510H.86A.0083 on my WinXp SP3 system even upgraded to Win7 64bit. But after I upgrade bios to SGP4510H.86A.0125 it frequently freeze and restart about after 2 hours and the problem almost indentical to this thread http://communities.intel.com/message/101527;jsessionid=08DF5FD39DBB1615E91321AB37BD55C8.node7COM?tstart=-52. I believe that this might cause by the firmware ver SGP4510H.86A.0125 not the hardware problem. Now I might need to downgrade to SGP4510H.86A.0083 If there is no available new bios, So I hope this thread helps to clear the problem. Thank You.