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    DG43NB Problem with monitoring


      I have a DG43NB and i update the bios from 2008 to 2010 software then after update i cann't see the monitoring reading in bios software and the Desktop utilities



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          I have found that IDU can be sensitive to various things, and has problems at times, for no apparent reason included.


          Question: Are you using any other hardware monitoring tool?  If you run them at the same time as IDU, that can cause IDU to not work correctly.


          You can try removing and reinstalling IDU, even if it is the same version, this sometimes helps.

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            No i use only IDU but the problem are in the BIOS screen also when the system are booting i press the F2 key then go to hardware monitoring and it's the same problem there is no reading info

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              I understand, both the BIOS and IDU do not show the readings.


              Have you updated all the other drivers and software for your motherboard?  That is important to do.  Be sure to select the correct type of Windows you use on the Download center update screen.  After you update everything and reboot your PC, check the readings and if they still do not appear, you will need to check something else, of course.


              You should also search in this forum on the model of your motherboard and see if others are having this problem.

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                Try the following:

                Unplug the system, remove teh CMOS battery for 15 minutes, then put it back in and on first boot straight away do a BIOS update through either the F7 or recovery update methods, to teh same BIOS version you already have.

                As a note as you cannot read the temps in BIOS, updating drivers and other sdoftware for windows will not help your issue.

                Bios recovery update instructions:http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-023360.htm

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                  Finally i did the Recovery jumper and the problem are solved

                  after i removed the jumper and power on the system it's turn to Recovery BIOS

                  after that i put the jumper to Normal status then it's work on it's take around 1-3 min. to recover the BIOS

                  thank you everyone to help me