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    How do I find out the right bios version for my board DX58SO?

      Recently, I had some problems with the new bios update[ I didn't know that, I was not supposed update BIOS until unless, I have some specific issue]. It was not booting up my machine at all. So, I downgraded my bios version to  SOX5910J.86A.4405.2009.1020.1419. After that systems is running properly, but still sometimes, not booting up properly, or  crashing, or BSOD[Blue Screen Of Death] errors. I have already checked the RAM, hard disk and video card, its working fine in another machine. So, I doubt something wrong with the board.


      Here is my system spec,


      Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

      Motherboard: intel DX58SO

      Processor: intel core i7 930, 2.79 Ghz 2.80Ghz
      Graphics Card: Shappire ATI HD 5870
      RAM: 3GB, corsair ddr3 ram[ 1GBx3 = 3GB ]
      Harddisk: Western Digital 500 GB
      SMPS: CoolerMaster 1000 w, Silent pro
      UPS: APC Back-ups RS 1000


      So, If i get the right BIOS version for my board, It will be helpful for me to narrow down the problem.