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    Realtek 8111DL controller / D945GSEJT problem - can't boot or configure BIOS


      I set my Intel D945GSEJT motherboard BIOS to boot with PXE, thinking that I was configuring it to wakeup on LAN.  Now I can’t get to the configure BIOS interface or boot the OS.


      All I can do is use shift F10 to get into the Realtek PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Boot Agent Configuration Menu.   The options are set as follows:


      Network Boot Protocol                 PXE

      Boot Order                                     Int 19h (always boot network first, then local devices)


      If I change the boot order to another option, eg, ROM Disable (network boot disabled, boot local devices), and Save/Quit (F4), the machine hangs (blinking cursor at top left corner of the screen) and when I (warm or cold) reboot back to the Boot Agent Configuration  Menu, the Boot Order is still Int 19h.


      Can anyone suggest how I can get back to the BIOS configuration interface?



      Sid Tupper