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    Intel rmm3 problem




      I have Intel rmm3 installed on one of my servers


      Smash CLP Version :SMASH 1.0.0/CLP 1.09


      Somehow web is not working (page loading), but i do have ssh access. Is it possible to reboot server from console?


      Thank you.

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          Jason Tan

          You can perform a remote reset under the menu Remote Control ->  Server Power Control, there will be options to choose depending on what you want to do when performing a cold/hard reset.

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            You should be able to cd to system1 and type command reset to reset server. I have the same issue, but I can not bring my server down. I am looking forward to reset BMC.



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              cuz search requests like "Reset BMC via SMASH-CLP Console" led to this page, I think we need a solution here, so if anyone face with such a problem - he could deal with it. I hope so.



              problem with BMC web-panel, neither HTTP nor HTTPS is loading properly.


              1st solution (if SSH still works):

              login to Smash CLP via ssh, and run next few commands:

              cd /system1/sp1/enetport1/lanendpt1/ipendpt1
              set committed=0
              set committed=1

              This will reload BMC, so perhaps you'll gain access.

              2nd solution (if you have only access to the system running on the server):

              first, install IPMI management utilities - ipmiutil. Then run the command below:


              ipmitool bmc reset cold


              This will restart BMC, without affecting the server itself.


              If you have remote access, but first solution for some reason didn't help you - you can use ipmitool with remote host as showed in next command (don't forget to install ipmiutil on client host):


              ipmitool -H hostname -U username -P password -v bmc reset cold


              You must change the hostname, username and pasword in command to your own.

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                Thanks. First solution no, but second solution works for me.

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                  The third is usually the recommended since you can send it remotely over the network as well.