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    What is the 2nd Benefit of Virtualization?

    Christopher Peters

      Virtualization is such a big topic in the enterprise these days - You would think it was created yesterday - but of course that happened 30-40 years ago on the mainframe.


      Most IT experts I talk with clearly quote the benefits of cost savings and energy efficiency of server consolidation. Being able to do more with less has immediate returns as demonstrated by this ROI Tool.


      Now I'm hearing terms like virtualization 2.0. After CapEx reduction (lower costs, less space and energy savings) ... what is the next best benefit of using virtualization technology?


      • Faster New Service Deployment (minutes not days)

      • Dynamic Server Load Balancing (balancing power and utilization across multiple servers)

      • Business Continuity (maintaining application service levels while doing planned or unplanned maintenance)

      • Disaster Recovery (recovering applications and data following an emergency)

      • Balance Real-time Computing Demands With Capacity (rapidly adjusting computing resources to meet dynamic business needs)

      • other ???