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    board identify utility



      I have an older board that I am about to upgrade to a faster CPU and I

      tried to use the BoardID.exe utility in Windows ME. It didn't work as per

      the instruction on the Intel download page suggested.

      I doubled clicked on it but nothing happened.

      I then went into a DOS window and tried to open it but nothing

      happened. The file appears to be a DOS based utility so I

      don't understand why the download page tells people to

      simply double-click in Windows.

      How do you actually use this thing. I downloaded the correct

      file as per the operating system, so I'd like to use it to

      be sure of my board's exact model and it's current BIOS

      version, because I recall reading that in some cases

      that going to a faster freq CPU sometimes requires an

      bios upgrade. I'm going from a Pent 4 socket423 1.3ghz to a 2.0ghz.

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