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    Curious Problem - GMA 950 in Win 7 - No Scaling Option In Control Panel



      I have a Mac Mini that I am dual booting with OSX and Windows 7. I'm connecting my video out via DVI to a Sony HDTV (Grand Wega 50" LCD with max 720p resolution).  In OSX, if I run a game such as those from Big fish Games, they run fine excpet that the image is not scaled to the size of the screen... rather it just appears in the center of the  screen at the original resolution of the game, making it very hard to see.  I would prefer it scaled to the size of the window, at the cost of clarity of course.  Usually this is set through a flat panel scaling option or the like... however, no where in the Intel GMA Mobile Express Control Panel does it have such an option.  I've been told it SHOULD appear in the Display Settings tab under the Refresh Rate dropdown.  However, it does not.  there is nothing under the Refresh drop down.


      I've tried the latest drivers (1930) and my monitor is set to Generic Plug and Play, however i've tried severla Sony TV specific monitor profiles, too, and still no options in the Control Panel for scaling.


      The real wierd part is, if I run the same game (macintosh version) under OSX,it DOES scale to the screen extents.  So clearly the adapter is capable of scaling, but under Windows 7 it appears to not allow scaling or doesnt provide an option to set it (e.g. centered, zoom, stretch, etc).


      Can someone please tell me why the Intel Control Panel is 'hiding' this option from me and if there is any way to enable it...or some other way to simply set the dang scaling mode for the adapter??


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      thanks, Jeff.