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    Power Management - D865PERL


      Does anyone know how to disable Wake PCI PME# on the D865PERL motherboard?


      There is a setting Wake on PME# under the power management menu that can be set to stay off but there is a note above this setting that says this setting does not apply when using an operating system that supports ACPI with the motherboard and the setting may be ignored when the computer is being shut down.


      In reading both the users manual and the technical documentation I am able to find for the D865PERL all indications suggest that while power management for certain hardware is supported the motherboard relies on Windows or the ACPI operating system to manage all ACPI related power management functions and the settings under the power management menu relate to how the motherboard is to respond to power failures when using an operating system like Windows XP with the D865PERL.


      When I first set the D865PERL up I had a PCI analog modem that apparently stays on all the time and when I would shut the computer down using the Windows power button the computer would restart after Windows had completely shut down.The only way I was able to resolve the problem was to remove the modem and when I did the computer shut down as it should.


      Now then I have my TV hooked up to the computer DVI to HDMI. When I turn the TV on regardless of what video source it is set to the computer starts up.


      If I turn the TV off ahead of the computer the computer restarts after Windows has completely shut down and I hear the switch click off on the power supply.


      If I leave the TV on and shut the computer down the computer will shut down and remain off provided I wait about 30 seconds before turning the TV off otherwise the computer will restart and it will restart even if the computer has been off for several seconds after Windows has shut down and I heard the power supply switch turn off.

      I have new MSI motherboard that was manufactured in 2010 that has the option to let the BIOS manage power and you can go right down the line and disable any of the items. When I assigned that to the BIOS and disabled Wake on PCI PME# it resolved both of the above mentioned issues.


      Any assistance in helping me figure out how to get the D865PERL to manage the power of any devices plugged into it after windows is shut down would be appreciated.