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    No video from DQ45CB with RAID card installed


      I have a DQ45CB with a Q9550S and 8GB RAM running ESXi 4.0 - this setup has been running flawlessly for about half a year now.

      Recently I got a Dell PERC 6/i RAID controller card which I want to use in my ESXi box, as well as two extra gigabit network cards (intel Pro/1000 CT).


      After installing everything the computer boots into ESXi, which can see the RAID controller and the drives attached, as well as the two new network interfaces.

      The problem is that as long as the RAID card is installed there is no video output, which means I'm unable to enter the setup utility on the RAID card. Monitor was connected via DVI-D.


      What I've tried so far:

      • Remove RAID controller, enter BIOS configuration and change primary graphics from "auto" to "integrated", then add RAID controller again
      • Upgrade BIOS to latest release (0127) and reapply BIOS settings


      If all else fails I can probably move the RAID controller and disks to another computer, configure the RAID controller there and move it back to the DQ45CB, but I plan on reinstalling ESXi to the RAID volume on the PERC, which is now impossible due to the lack of video output...


      I've experienced certain other motherboards not booting when I've tried installing RAID controllers in their x16 slots, but this one is new to me...