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    intel RTS 9.6 unable to add non-member disk to array in order to rebuild




      I'm running a RAID1 (2 disk) and have the following issue.


      The drive at port 0 has been disconnected and it made the array mark as 'degraded'.

      In fact the drive is healthy , it was disconnected on purpose.


      Afterwards the drive was connected again and it shows as 'non-raid' member in the OROM ( ctrl-i ) utility at startup,

      where i have no option to switch it back to a member disk and start the rebuild.


      Also in the RTS concole in windows , it is not giving me an option 'rebuild' somehow to the disk.


      I guess it is marked as 'BAD' somehow as i can see the disk as 'missing' ( serialnumber with suffix ':0' which i guess is the portnumber)

      while at the same time it is als marked as present and connected to port 0.


      How to proceed to 'unmark' the disk as bad and do a proper rebuild ?


      Any help is appreciated.