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    Upgrade s5000pal



      How can I upgrade my s5000pal server, when I try to install two Xeon E5430 processors I have an mismatch voltage configuration error in BIOS.






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          Javed Lodhi

          Hi Alex!


          The voltage mismatch that you encounter could be possibly because of a couple of reasons but before that just ensure that both the processors you have installed are E5430. Now for the mismatched voltage, although the S5000PAL motherboards support E5430 processors but initially all these motherboards have a couple of problems that needs to be addressed when you install a Quad Core Xeon on it which are;


          Problem I: Intel has discovered that system BIOS settings with some of the server boards shipped to customers may not be Default Mode. A factory test program was erroneously set to leave the boards in Manufacturing Mode rather than restoring defaults prior to shipping.


          Solution: This setting issue can be resolved by resetting BIOS using the board jumper (J1D3) or F9 in BIOS Setup to reset the system to default mode. (Review the attached TA085502 document)


          Problem II: As support for the Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 5400/5300 sequence is added to the Intel BIOS, firmware and FRUSDR software, upgrades must occur in a certain order to ensure a valid system stack.


          Solution: Upgrade the system BIOS, Firmware and FRUSDR to enable support for E5430 processor. You can find the latest BIOS, Firmware and FRUSDR from BIOS, Firmware & FRUSDR Update Package for S5000PAL

          Review the attached Technical Advisory carefully to successfully complete the system update process for the affected Intel® Server Boards. - (Reference, attached TA084501 document)

          I would also strongly suggest that you read the README.txt file that comes bundled with the update. This readme file not only contains the upgrades and problem fixes but also explains the update procedure which will help you install updates in case you have never done it before.


          So now you know that either of these could be giving you problems with mismatched voltage and their solution is pretty simple. Keep me posted so that we know if you have been able to successfully overcome this problem or need further assistance.


          Warm Regards,

          Javed Lodhi

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            Same for me (A19-Error, processor voltage mismatch) after upgrading from one E5335 to two E5430 (SLBBK).

            Board: S5000PAL

            Chassis: SR2500, 3 system-fans.





            We followed all of these instructions (order of updates and Bios-Reset).

            First update (since not awaiting any problem) was done with deployment-CD and all updates at one time.

            After receiving ongoing errors, we found the documentation about the update-order, so we reapplied the updates in given order with a reboot between each single update (BIOS->BMC->FRU/SDR).

            Since the acutal documentation for S5000PAL tells that  E5430 (SLBBK) is compatible, i hope to find an answer - better a solution - here

            Best regards from Germany.



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              Try just a single processor, and make sure to reset the CMOS back to factory defaults.  If the error goes away, you should be able to install the second processor without issue.