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    Hard drive(s) not detected


           I have replace my processor and now it comes up and says that it found no hard drives.  I have removed the hard drives and tested them through USB to hard drive adapter on my laptop.  All three hard drives check out fine.  I have reconnected each hard drive on an individual basis to see if the CPU can see any of the hard drives one on one.  This did not either.  It tells me to check owner manual.  As this is not my computer I have no manual.  What else can I do?

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          Hello;  Please provide the hard drives type that you are using and the model of your Intel(R) desktop board, so we can help you with your problem.

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            Motherboard --  Intel D865GLCLK Intel 865G Socket 478

            Hard Drive -- 160GB UDMA/133 5400RPM 2MB IDE Hard Drive DimondMax 16

            Hard Drive -- 200GB DimondMax 10 PATA/133*

            Hard Drive -- 40GB Seagate U6 ST340810A* **

            Power Supply -- A-Power 500W 20+4 pin Dual-fan ATX PSU w/SATA

            Memory -- 1GB DDR2 RAM PC2-6400 240-pin

            CPU -- Intel P4 3.00 Ghz SL8JZ Socket 478 Hyper Threading CPU


            *Used these HDD primarily

            **Has windows XP Professionall installed


            I can get into the BIOS only if the jumper for the BIOS in the configue position.

            When it is moved back into normal position I get the statement "Could not find hard Drives"