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    colors on my new hp lap top not right


      I have a new 1 week old hp lap top computer it works great but the colors seem a little off, where my desk top computer the colors are very vivid as well as the other computers in the house the new lap top seems a little dul or maybe just not vivid. Red seems to look more moroon and a little washed out, Dark or hunter green looks a little on the lime side and orange seems a little rust colored. I have done everything in color managment I can but i can't get the colors to look like any the colors on any of the other computers in the house which all look the same. The new lap top does not have a contrast adjustment button that i can find. I checked to see if i have the latest driver and i do but thougt intel might have something else or have a program that i can load where i can adjust the hue and color. I am making some web pages and need the lap top for when i am away for weeks at a time and if i can't trust the colors on the lap top it makes it tough to do much work on it. Anyone have any ideas of what i can do to fix the problem. thanks Mark   Ps I sure wish anyone company anywhere would just put a contact us section that worked so we don't have to sign up for something like this just to get an answer.