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    Random reboot of New PC, please help


      Recently I bought a brand new Intel based PC with Following configuration.

      Processor:                       Core i5 760 2.83GHz

      Mother board:                   Intel DH55TC

      RAM:                              2GB DDR3 RAM(1333MHz) Corsair RAM  x 2  = Total 4 GB

      Graphics Card:                 XFX Nvidia DDR3 240GT 1GB

      Harddisk:                         1TB Seagate

      operating system              Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

      The system  keeps on restarting at irregular intervals, even at normal applications like browsing. it happens any time in 10-60 minutes, especially during the application starting, or running more than 2 applications or installations. During these circumstances, I tried to correct the problem by replacing the following each component one by one except Motherboard and processor.

      1. 2GB DDR3 RAM(1333MHz) Corsair RAM
      2. 2GB DDR3 RAM(1333MHz) Corsair RAM
      3. XFX Nvidia DDR3 240GT 1GB Graphics Card
      4. Harddisk 1TB Seagate
      5. smps
      6. By putting thermal paste(intel make) on processor


      And also I checked Motherboard and Processor parameters with the help of Intel Desktop utilities and it was in the green status. Also i have run the burnin test an performance test without rebooting.Still iam facing the issue.so please help me to troubleshoot the issue as soon as possible.

      I have invested so money for the system and so much effort for trouble shooting….,