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    Intel PROSet: already installed, but it's not


      When I try to install Intel PROSet on Windows XP/32, then the installation process is aborted automatically, with a messages that PROSet is already installed.


      However, this is not true. While PROSet had been installed on that system some time ago, I believe that it has been removed: There is no start-menu entry, it does not appear in Windows' "Add or Remove Programs", and neither does it seem to be in the program files folder, which I searched extensively.


      Any idea how to install PROSet?


      It's version, for an Intel PRO 2100 3B Mini PCI adapter.


      One possible source of the problem: Some time ago, I installed a newer version of PROSet. But, as it it didn't support the aforementioned Wifi adapter, I deinstalled it completely. Perhaps it left some traces for example in the registry?