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    DP55WG Memory problem?



      I hope someone can help me.


      I by a intel motherboard Intel DP55WG, thermaltake 600w, EVGA GTX460 1GB, Intel core i5 760, Seagate HD 1TB SATA, LG DVD/CD burner SATA and (the problem???) Corsair (2x2gb) 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24 1.65V CMP4GX3M2A1600C9.


      I try to install windows 7 64 bit, but a got the blue screen with the message memory_management.

      I install the last BIOS of the mother board, fix the voltage of the RAM on the BIOS SETUP, and get the blue screen again.

      I install my old windows xp (32bits) and get the blue screen again.

      I run the memtest84 and no get problems.


      The memory is not compatible? the memory is bad? the motherboard is bad?


      Please i need help.

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          Did you figure out how to fix your problem?


          I have the same memory, same motherboard. I got everything installed and working fine, it was no big deal at the time, i just put everything together. Now, normally I leave my computer on for days or weeks at a time, and recently when I do shut it down, it won't start back up. Only the standby light on the MB is on, everything else is off, and the power button does nothing. Sometimes I screw with it for hours and try to get it back, disconnect and reconnect every cable, card, jumper, and battery, and nothing works, and then later push the button and it starts up. For no reason. Right now it's at the point where it won't start up, and probably when I get home it will work. Or not, and I will be irritated for the rest of the night, or rip it all apart and put it back together for it still not to work until some point in the future. Two ram slots are occupied, and I was afraid I had fried a slot or two, so I switched the ram to the other two slots at one point, and that fixed it. When it happened again later, I was afraid switching it back to those slots wouldn't work, but I switched it anyway, and it eventually started up and worked that way. So I'm fairly sure the RAM slots are okay.


          I'm now looking at the XMP and 1600MHz warnings for the motherboard, and realizing that I have never done anything with advanced settings or profiles, but it worked at the time.


          Anyone: what do I have to do to make my computer work correctly?


          BIOS updates? Memory configurations? New ram? New motherboard?

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            Try changing the Row refresh cycle time to 80 clocks, Until I made that change the 4x2GB OCZ 8-8-8-24 LV 1600 (OCZ3G1600LV2G) memory I purchased was nowhere near stable. Since the OCZ chips don't have an XMP profile I manually set 8-8-8-24-80 2t and 1.65 v. That was over a year ago and been running rock solid ever since. btw I have same motherboard, the DP55WG.

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              The Intel® Core™ i5 processor I5- 760 processor supports only memory running at:


              - DDR3-1066/1333

              -  1.5V


              Having taken into consideration the fact that the processor supports lower speed and a lower voltage, the memory is indeed not compatible with the memory controller of the system.


              Speeds supported can be found at: http://ark.intel.com/products/48496/Intel-Core-i5-760-Processor-(8M-Cache-2_80-GHz)


              Since the voltage applies for all processors with a memory controller on them, you will be able to find the voltage limitation at the respective processor datasheets which in your case, can be found here: http://download.intel.com/design/processor/datashts/322164.pdf


              System behavior when not compatible memory is in use:


              1. Will not work.

              2. Will work.


              If it works:


              2.1. System will be unstable.

              2.2 System is stable; any change made on the system will result on the contrary.

              2.3. System will fail sooner than expected by damaging the processor’s memory controller.


              Please bear in mind the 3 year limited warranty covers manufacturing defects only. In order to expect positive results a fully compliant system is a must.


              First troubleshooting suggestion would be testing compatible memory. If this does not solve your problem, feel free to contact the Technical Support Department during business hours.  Contact phone numbers can be found at the following site: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contact/phone