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    DP55WB and RAID0




      I am running into a problem that I cant seem to solve. I have a DP55WB Intel Desktop Board (P55 chipset), i3 Core with 2, 320GB HDD's and 8 GB RAM with LG DVD RW Superdrive.


      The system works great when I run the drives in SATA Mode: IDE. but when I change the mode to AHCI or RAID, I am able to configure the drives but for some bizzare reason, my DVD drives does not work. The message prompt says "Serial ATA AHCI BIOS version ICB0 src 06-17-2008 *This version supports only HDD and CD-ROM drives*" It read my DVD drive as a CD drive!!!


      I don't think they make OS installation "CD's" anymore. What's the solution to this problem? How do I update (rather CAN I update) AHCI BIOS ROM to the latest release?





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          I think I answered my own question. Even though it says CD drive, it can take DVD but for some reason, it did not like m-brand DVD's. It prefered S-brand DVD's. I popped in S-brand DVD with windows server 2008 and voila, it worked.