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    DQ57TM and Windows 2008 R2




      I am planning on purchasing a DQ57TM motherboard with an i5-650 processor and installing Windows 2008 R2 and Hyper-V.


      I understand Intels support position on this motherboard so I am not asking about that.


      I would like to hear from anyone who is using Windows 2008 R2 with this motherboard. Did you have any issues with Windows 2008 R2 ?  Any issue loading Intels Win7 X64 drivers with this OS/MB ?  Any issues with KVM or VPro support ?  Any other issues ?



      Many thanks in advance




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          Hi Sam,


          I'm using the DQ57TM with an i5-650, 16Gb memory and Windows 2008R2 with Hyper-V. I must say it runs perfectly with about 8 VM's on it. I only ran into an issue with the onboard NIC after several months of smooth sailing (which you can read about on this forum). 2008R2, Hyper-V and the VM's are responsive and the performance is very good. I basically run a couple of VM's which I consider my core systems such as DC, WSUS, DPM, Forefront TMG and with these I can easily deploy VM's for test purposes.


          I had one issues with drivers, and that is the video driver for the i5 on-chip video. Installing that crashes your system, took me some time to figure that out as I always update/flash and bring all the drivers up to the latest version (prolly not smart to do this in one take but hey ...). Luckily I use the board on a headless system so I don't care about having the correct videodriver. I do believe that with the new Hyper-V servicepack this problem has been corrected but be aware of it.


          There's one other thing to keep in mind though when you're going to use Intels AMT. The webbrowser connection to AMT works fine and you can see information and reboot among other things.

          You can't use a "normal" VNC client to connect if you want to use the KVM part of AMT. Appearently you have to buy a special version of VNC which supports the AMT authentication bit... which to me is stupid, overpriced and should be included with the board's software. This of course is not very well documented/explained on the Intel site.



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            Hello Cobalt,


            Thanks for your response.  Its quite helpful.  I found some of the Intel doc vague as well.



            I should have the system ( DQ57TM with i5-650 and 16gig memory ) in a few days and I will likely be installing 2008-R2 with SP1 when it arrives.


            I'm curious, have you been installing the latest Intel DQ57TM Win7-X64 drivers for your 2008-R2 installation or are you getting them from the 2008-R2 DVD or maybe even elsewhere ?.







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              Hey Sam,


              I used the Microsoft drivers for most components except for the NIC's I used the 64-bit W7 Intel (added two gigabit Intel NIC's). And of course updated the BIOS to the latest version and flashed the latest firmware of all components that .. well.. have one