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    Problem with D865GLCLK board.


      I Have started my first of a desktop from the ground up. I have a petium 4 with a FSB of 800Mhz.  Supporting DDR memory. So I have also purcashed a Pentium 4 processor with800Mhz FSB, I have two DDR 1gig memory sticks, A new case fan, I have two Power supplies, one is a 500w ps, and the other is a 250w PS.

      Intel D865GLCLK intel 865G socket 478 motherboard

      Pentium 4 3g 800Mhz Processor

      Pentium $ Socket 478 Heatsink

      2 Kingston DDR 1g memory

      3 X 3 80mm Logisys LT 400RD 4-Red LED case fan


      When I start up the computer I can see and hear all fans working fine I can also hear the HDD's working as well.One is a 40g and the other is a 200g.  The 40g has windows XP Professional installed on it.  I have checked my display by connecting it to my laptop and it works fine. I do not hear any of the the typical beeps when system is started up. The only thing I see is a blinking dash in the top left coner of the screen.  I have checked all connections to confirm a snug fit.  The lights on the mother board lights up.


      Please help I am at a loss of what else to try.  thanks...

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          Take everything off apart form the CPU/motherboard.RAM PSU and monitor. Then turn the system on... see what happens, you should end up with a no bootable device found. If so then just add each component at a time untill you hit the on that causes the problem. if that does not happen let us know and what happens exactly and we can take it from there

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            Thank capt;

            , I unpluged everything all the way down to the CPU and power supply.  When I turned it  back on I got three beeps.  Therewas still nothing on display.  I then turned off computer and unpluged it, then I place one memory stick into slot.  pluged power back in and turned on and nothing...

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              did you try to reset the bios after it would'nt start i had same problem .i have the same board and 2 gigs of ram with a 80 gig sata hard drive and 250 gig ide the computer was doing same thing you said yours was doing..there should be on your board a sata 1 and 0 switch it to 1 and set the jumper to reset the bios .also if your using a video card that is very high end it might not work i bought a radeon hd 2600 pro 512 ddr and it would not work this board only supports 1.5v univerisal video cards... there is a manual for this board  if you look it up on the intel motherboard section...will tell which cards it can support.

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                Thank you John;


                        I ended up returning the motherboard.  They ran test on it and it was bad.  I was sent a second new board.  When I connected everything and then turned it on I had to reformat the hard drive and everything started normal.  I have reinstalled Windows XP on it and it is running smoothly now. 


                        Again thanks for everyone help...