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    Intel vpro/amt

      I have successfult set up amt in bios but can only manage the amt interface from a remote computer WITHIN the network. How/what features do i need to activate in the management console in order to remotely (i.e. over the net away from the network) manage the amt and connect with it?

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          That's a pretty broad question, we have various ways to remotely manage - depending on whether your setup is an Enterprise mode or Small Medium Business. Tell me more details about the environment you're working in and you may want to download the AMT SDK with the AMT Commander application. Also check out YouTube for AMT provisioning and managing remote computers. There are some good videos showing you how to do this by a guy named Ylian Saint-Hiliare. Let me know if this helps.

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            since I didn't see any reply I will give you another thought, you can remotely manage platforms if a platform is outside of your business domain. It is called CIRA, client Initiated Remote Access. This requires a server that sits between your company and the external facing Internet - typically it sites in the DMZ of the company this allows you to call back into the company when your outside and have an authenticated connection. check out the articles on CIRA here in the expert center, the AMT DTK (commander) has a CIRA server component you can setup and experiment with.