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    Bad slots on a DP55WG board?


      I have 4 OZ2 4GB sticks. When I got the first two, I followed the directions and put them in the two blue slots and got Error 21 on the board- No Boot.


      After reading discussions of the problem here, I put them in slots "3 & 4", and I was able to boot the computer.


      Last week I bought the second set of 4 GB OZ2 sticks, wanting to take advantage of the Win 7 64 bit OS, as well as Adobe Premiere CS5, which is a 64 bit program.


      Putting the two new sticks into the first two slots got me back to Error 21. Experimenting, I discovered the ONLY 3 combinations that will boot this board- Memory in slot #1 alone, memory in slot #4 alone, and memory in slots 3 & 4 ( as was mentioned earlier).


      I have checked all four sticks and they are all OK. They are all Non-ECC of couse.


      The only thing I've seen that MIGHT be a problem (tho I sorta doubt it), is that these sticks are rated at 1.65V, and, according to the BIOS, the memory slots are set to 1.5V .


      Thank you for any help you can provide!



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          Are all 4 sticks of RAM identical?

          If i were you i would either test a set of 4 ram modules, another CPU or another motherboard....

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            Let's see if we can get a few more details from you that can help.


            BIOS version?

            Memory model numbers?

            CPU model?


              Let's also not forget that the memory controller is now in the CPU on the 55 series chipsets / CPU's.

            Check your CPU socket for bent pins as the interface is directly from the DIMM sockets to the CPU socket. 1 bent pin ...?

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              Just as soon as you or Intel sends me the 4 sticks of memory, another INTEL i7 CPU and another motherboard, I'll get right on doing those test! LMAO!

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                BIOS Version:



                OZ2 PC3 10666      PN QCZ3G1333LV8GK


                2.8 Gh  i7 860 CPU


                You seem to be "passing the buck" and blaming the CPU now?   I have built severl computers and this is my first (and last!) Intel board- I have NEVER had a memory slot problem with any other brand of MoBo.


                If you re-read my post, you'll see that all four slots work (but in different combinations)  The notes about the latest BIOS update says nothing about solving this memory slot problem, which several people have reported for this same MoBo.   So, I ignored trying to upgrade the BIOS.


                So, how do I tell the CPU to let me use all four memory slots at one time?

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                  Update the BIOS.


                  I use a lot of DP55WB's and certain single sided Crucial 2GB modules refuse to work in pairs (3 Beeps) until the BIOS is updated (with only one stick installed in Channel A DIMM 0).  The BIOS release notes for the DP55WB don't really hint at that issue, but the issue is resolved nonetheless.  I'm aware you have a different board, but it's worth a shot.

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                    Thanks for the suggestion (and how to try it with the one stick in the slot) Guess it is worth trying!



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                      Only problem with updating the BIOS is that I can only put memory in slot 1 (Channel B 0?), slot 4 (Channel A 1?), or 3 & 4 Ch A 1, Ch B 1)


                      Any idea which of these 3 choices I should use, since the "manditory one" does NOT work for me?

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                        Any that complete POST.


                        In order of probability.

                        1) Bent CPU socket pin  - Since the memory controller is in the CPU, one slightly bent pin will disable a DIMM socket.

                        2) BIOS  - The Memory Reference Code that controls the functionality of the processor / memory resides in teh BIOS

                        3) DIMMs -  Check the requirements, population and stacking rules. Single, dual or quad rank dimms all behave differently

                        4) Mother Board -  Check the slots of debree and wipe DIMM contacts with rubbing alcohol. The board has a CPU socket, wires to the DIMM sockets and the DIMM sockets Not really a lot here that can fail or be bad..

                        5) CPU. - The CPU is soooo tested, it would be very strange to have an issue like you describe.

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                          Sorry Gize- I was wrong- slot 2 ( Ch A Dimm 0) DOES work- it was the first slot I tested alone.


                          Doc- thank you for the logical rundown of possibilities.  Since it will be such a "pain" to do, I'll try the Bios upgrade before checking for a bent pin, hoping that the solution lies in the BIOS upgrade. I will do that this evening and report.


                          Thank you!