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    Mobile 945 Express Chipset


      I own a Samsung netbook, and recently migrated from Windows XP Home to Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit).  I ran pcAnywhere 10.5 on Windows XP.  It will not run on Windows 7, and had to be uninstalled.  However, the 945 chipset seems to "rely" on one of pcAnywhere's drivers - a file called AW_HOST5.SYS.  This file is not compatible with Windows 7, and an error message pops up at system startup.


      I've been tinkering with the problem, and replaced this file with AW_HOST.SYS (a Microsoft driver) and AWLEGACY.SYS (another pcAnywhere driver).  In addition, the affected registry settings.  But the graphics functionailty (e.g. resolution) seems limited with these drivers.  Is there another more suitable driver out there which will replace AW_HOST5.SYS?


      Appreciate any assistance available out there.