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    S5520sc not booting -fresh system non-intel config


      HI ALL I'm new here and got some new problems!

      (forgive my language it's foreign to me)I need help with what I just bought:


      MB          Intel S5520scr motherboard

      CPU        Intel xeon 1x e5620 2,4ghz (1x for now)

      cooling     Zalman Performa

      chassis   Chieftec CH-09B-B-OP

      PSU       Chieftec aps-850c 850W 2x 8pinEPS

      RAm       KINGSTON KVR1333d3e9s/2G ecc unbufferd 2GB ( fitting this mb according to kingston's website)

      GPU       Nvidia gtx460 1gb


      GOt a big problem with it - i assume my abilities building systems should end at max i7 system. Server staff's not for me i guess.

      After building it there's no sign of life!! It's not booting at all. No fan moving or any specific sound except this squeaky high constant sound but realy very very quiet. THe power 5V led is lighting green.The ID led lights amber.The status LED is dead.

      Chassis power button doesn't cause any action at all. No other led is ON.

      2x8pin connectors installed, RAM in slot A1,  CPU installed in SOCKET 1, GPU in PCIx -slot 6


      Well. Things that might be an issue coming to my mind:

      - Auxiliary 5pin power connector not connected ( no such plug with PSU)

      - front panel connections ( did my best with no spec of chassis monofacturers) -

        there are 5 front panel connectors:

          POWER LED(green/ black)         -1,5 pin), 

          H.D.D LED(red/key/black)           -pin 7,9),

          POWER BUTTON( green/black)  -11,13pin)  

          RESET BUTTON  (white/black)   -15,17 pin        <-connected

          SPEAKER (red/key/key/black)<- not connected - no such slot on MB


          I might have not connected them properly as i dont know which wire goes + - or GND


      NOt booting with/without: RAM, GPU, 1x8pinEPS unconnected.


      What do U, Guys say? Any idea?

      NO action. NO life. Help please. We got a serious pacient over here!!

      Any idea's welcomed.

      THanks for any help!


      PS. I'd like to eliminate first other possibilites than buying new RAMsticks

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          If it is not booting up at all (no CPU fan spin) then it hasnt even tried to get to the RMA yet. Personally teh first thing i would do is take everything of teh system set up the board out of the chassis with only the CPU and PSU, then turn it on and see what it does. If it the fan spins up and you get three beeps your good to go, then just add memopry and test, then GPU and test and so  on...untill you reach the component causing the problem. then put it back in teh chassis and test.

          If you dont even get three beeps nor teh CPU fan spinnning with nothing but board CPU and PSU then eitehr CPU/motherboard?PSU and the only hting you can do is cross test.

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            HI again.

            Thanks for reply.Due to busy month at work, I've  finally recently got back to the problem.


            THat's true what You write. I've Started to check all config. I've taken out the PSU( but left connected to the mbo)

            started to unscrew the MBO- I unscrewed One bottom left screw attaching tne MBO to the chassis and that's what I'Ve got after swichind the PSU on:

            System status LED gone stable green

            After turning on the chassis power botton-wents've gone wild ,  diagnostics leds started to light up some codes, ONE beep., on the screen: info to change the boot utility- I guess that's normal (no CD in the player)


            So according to other posts ther must by some short cirquit. This behavior happens only without this one bottom-left screw.


            Well, what to do about it? I thought i could unscrew this one and leave it like that.

            but i guess it's not normal, it shouldn't be like that, also can't leave the board unscrewed  in that place as it's the ony one around that place.

            how to eliminate this shorts. What should i use to attach this mbo to the chaissis? i use just simple tipical screws.

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              Jason Tan

              On page 14 of this document, it details out the keep out zone. Since you are using a third party chassis, make sure that you are properly mounting the baseboard into the chassis without shorting anything on the board. The QSG too has some information that may be relevant.