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    Core i3 Integrated Graphics Maximum Local\Shared Video Memory???


      I have Core i3 530 processor in a H55M-GE (Gigabyte Intel 5 series chipset) motherboard..


      Basically I bought the H55M-GE to make use of the integrated graphics of the Core i3..


      I can set the Shared memory of the Integrated graphics to a maximum of 256MB on the BIOS..


      Is 256 MB the maximum setting? There are only three options available in the BIOS for the Shared memory..


           64 MB

           128 MB

           256 MB


      Is this three the only available option? Can I set it to more than 256 MB?


      ...Also I have 3DMARK benchmark utility installed in my computer.


      It shows that my Total Local Video Memory is 132 MB.


      When I play GTA 4 the resource usage also shows 132 MB.


      When ia run dxdiag, the Display tab shows my Approx. Total Memory to be: 731 MB


      Is Local Video Memory and Integrated Graphics Shared memory the same?


      What about the Approx. Total Memory in the dxdiag tool?


      I'm really confused, help please :-) Thanks in advance for your help..