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    Looking for a vPro Mgmt console in a box - Plug N Play


      Recently after spending a couple of late nights configuring a Mgmt console (I'll blog on shortly), I started thinking that it would be really good if you could just buy a server or a client box that has a vPro mgmt console in a box that you could plug - n - play with your vPro machines.   I started a search and found a few solutions that I am going to test out.  If you are interested in testing these with me please let me know and we can share links and our observations.   I'm starting with a MS SCE installation that I found if you buy a xeon from a online reseller.  I've seen the brief, read the documentation, now I'm waiting for the arrival.  


      Please let me know as I would like to see if we could find a vPro Mgmt console that is plug-n-play for both small/medium biz & enterprise lab usage. 


      Josh H