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    DG965WH suddenly won't boot


      Greetings; I would be grateful for any tips in troubleshooting this situation.



      DG965WH mobo

      E6600 (Conroe) cpu

      2 gb ram

      Enermax EG465P-VE psu


      No problems for 5 years; moved; on unpacking, would not boot.  Assumed short, loose wiring, etc etc.  (I moved the PC myself, by car, so it was not dropped, kicked, stored in a humid environment, etc)


      So, I moved mobo & psu to new case; new mobo offsets; removed & reinstalled all wiring. No improvement.


      Symptoms:  When psu is turned on, mobo light goes on.  However, when power switch is turned on, nothing happens (literally; cpu fan doesn't spin, no post beeps, zip).


      Problem: I do not know how to determine if this is a mobo, psu, or cpu problem.


      Many thanks for any suggestions.