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    ich10r setup migrating to WIN7, new SSD and existing RAID5- request for advice


      MOBO and chipset:  ASRock P45XE-WiFin with ich10r, 3 identical 750GB drives in RAID 5 on XP Pro., in 2 partions (one for the OS(the boot drive) and programs, the other for data).  SATA mode in Bios was set to RAID (options were ahcii, RAID or IDE).


      Somehow my boot drive got currupted and I can't boot into XP.  Problem is, I cant find my XP disk so I figured it was a good time to change to WIN7 64bit and install an SSD.


      I disconnected my RAID HDs,  set my bios to ahci, and loaded WIN7 no problem.  I thought I would just hook up my RAID and be OK. After reading intel forums I know know that this won't work.  Question is how to proceed.  I dont mind reloading WIN7, but need to protect my RAID.


      Do I simply change SATA mode in bios to RAID, reload WIN7 (with RAID drives disconnected), re-connect the RAID drives and away I go?


      Thanks in advance!