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    Raid setup problem SASWT41 card


      Having problem setting up, using a Intel SASWT41 Raid card, Intel DG41WV motherboard, (2) WD 500gb Sata drives all new parts. Followed instructions and installed the Raid card into PCI Express x16 slot, attached both drives to card Port 0 and Port 1, turn on PC and get the LSI Corp logo with the line saying "Press Ctrl-C to start LSI Corp Configuration Utility... I press CTRL-C, but is does not take me to the next setup page as per instructions where I choose the adapter, instead, it comes up saying ....Searching for devices at HBA 0.. (only stays on screen for approx 5 seconds) then continues to try and boot PC. HELP please, spent hours trying to fix. Replaced Sata cables, what am I missing?


      Picture 010.jpg