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    Adding cpus to a running system


      Back in the single CPU days (with multi-processor boards) going from 1 to more than one was a problem if you didn't want to reload the entire OS.  When Windows built, it did not load the multiple core processor control (MUP ??)  Later, if you added a 2nd processor it was not happy.


      Today, given that most CPU's are multi-core, I am asusming that WIndows will be loaded to support multiple processors from the inital install.


      I have a S5000VSA with a single Xeon 5110  dual core processor.  I want to add a second processor at this time.  I'll have to make sure I match the stepping?? etc. which I can manage.  The issue is that I will be adding "2" processors to a system that I belive is already at 2.  I'm runing Windows SBS 2003 with SP2.


      I am hoping that this will be a simple in place upgrade but I know better.....

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          Talking about stepping, +/- 1 stepping should be fine.


          Windows should be running multi-processor core already, since you have a dual-core. By adding a 2nd processor, Windows should see 4 cores.


          Windows license is based on physical CPU slots, not cores. For example, if your Windows supports 2 processors, you can use two 4-core processors with HT enabled, and you will see all 16 processors in Task Manager.