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    DH57JG Won't Post


      I have a DH57JG motherboard with i3-540 CPU and one stick of Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4G 4G DDR3 mounted in a Chenbro ES34169-BK-120 Chassis. The system won't post. When powered on the fan runs and no video is output to the motherboard DVI video out and there are not beep codes. After 30 seconds the system shuts off and then 5 seconds later it powers up again. If I remove the memory stick I get three beeps. I checked that Kingston lists the DH57JG on the compatiable motherboard list and I have tried it in both DIMM slots. This is the only DDR3 memory I have so I can't try other memory with out an additional investment. I tried the boot trouble shooter site but no joy there. Any ideas?