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    DVD drive locked in bios...won't boot windows install disk


      Board: Intel Corporation D845GVSR AAC45439-302
      BIOS: Intel Corp. VA84510A.86A.0030.P10.0402160229 02/16/2004

      Purchased from employer and all network and locks were (supposedly) removed.


      Changing computer from Win2000Pro to WinXPfamily and the cd will not boot the computer to install it.  I attempted to change the boot order in the BIOS, including only using the DVD and turning off all the others.  The boot lite comes on the DVD drive but after about 10 seconds it goes right to the automatic boot for Windows.


      Checking the BIOS, where it is completely void of set passwords, it says (from my oldish memory?) "drives are locked if there are parenthesis (brackets) around them and they can be changed in the corresponding window".  I am a very experienced owner, operator, builder, fixer and lesson giver and for the life of me I can't find what the heck they are talking about.  I have reset all the drives boot order in every combination I can think of and I get the same response.  I have also tried booting from the F12 boot menu and that does not work either.  The floppy drive is also locked as I tried to boot with the six XP install floppies.


      What it boils down to is how do I unlock the drives and change the boot order so I can boot computer with disk to install XP?


      Anyone have any ideas?  I have been Googling the Internet and found Zer0 help.  Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter...






      please advise if this is posted in the wrong area