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    D945GSEJT (XP Pro) won't go into standby


      XP won't go into standby. The shutdown dialog has "standby" greyed out and Power Options doesn't present standby or hibernate options.


      powercfg /a reports that standby modes S1, S2, S3 and HIBERNATE are unavailable.  Windows Device Manager reports that the ACPI drivers are ok, although it lists a "ACPI multiprocessor PC" device .  It also shows problems with two other devices it found, "video controller" and "video controller (VGA compatible)" and can't fix them by itself.  The VGA display works though.


      I updated XP SP3, the Intel chipset drivers and the BIOS (to 0040), with no improvement in the situation.


      The external USB ports seem a little flakey (I had to move a PS/2 keyboard from a PS/2-to-USB adapter to the PS/2 header on the board, but the PS/2 mouse works ok on the adapter.  A serial-to-usb adapter (from a data logger) didn't work as hoped so I had to put a DB-9 connector on a COM header.  I wasn't able to install XP from an external USB port but I see that discussed elsewhere on this forum.) so I disabled the USB ports in the BIOS but that didn't help either.


      I'm considering installing Windows 7 to see what difference that makes.  Unfortunately Linux is not an option because the essential application I'm using this board for does not support it. 


      I'd be pleased, no, ecstatic, to receive suggestions.