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    Mobile 4 Series - Scale Full Screen option no longer works under Scaling or Panel Fit


      I'm currently running version of the 4 series GMA drivers (4500MHD) under Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and I've just noticed that I can't change the screen scaling any more. In the Intel display utility, I can select Scale Full Screen (or Maintain Aspect Ratio for that matter) and click Apply.. but once I click OK and close the utility it has reverted back to Center Image. Similarly, from the Graphics Options > Panel Fit desktop context menu, I can select Scale Full Screen or Maintain Aspect Ratio but when I check the context menu again, it is still set to Center Image.


      I know this worked with a previous version of the driver, though unfortunately I don't know which version that was as Win7 has updated the GMA driver a few times since I last would have noticed it. Has anyone else come across this issue before?


      If not I'll poke around the registry under Software\Intel\Display and see if I can find a key to force the scaling option..