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    Anti Theft technology


      Anyone know how to engage with Intel as a software ISV to bundle Intel's Anti-Theft technology with our services. Seems a handful of companies have already done this and not sure if there's a published interface or approach to extend this capability.  Any ideas?

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          Did anyone ever respond to your question? Are you still interesting in finding out how to engage with someone at Intel as "...a software ISV to bundle Intel's Anti-Theft technology with our services."?


          John S.

          Intel Customer Support

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            Maybe no one has responded, but...


            I just bought a laptop from Toshiba *because* it had AT. After the typically annoying install procedure (really, how many reboots does it take?), I clicked on the AMT "blue key" icon and went to the AT tab. Click on "click here for more information" and it brings up a dialog that says "For more information, consult your Information Technology." That's not even English! So, you go on line, and it says "enter the code from the yellow card that came with your laptop." Except, no card comes with the laptop. Call Toshiba, and they say you have to call Intel to buy the service. Call Intel, and they say you but it with the laptop. Go online at Intel.com, click on "where to buy" and it brings up a page (Intel´┐Ż Anti-Theft Service — Where to buy) that says "This information applies to Intel Anti-Theft Service." -- and nothing else. Try the link in the bundled software that comes with your laptop, and it gives you a list of laptops that come with the bundle. How helpful.


            I couldn't buy the service from Intel after half a day of trying really hard. Called LoJack.


            Least adept and least helpful product marketing effort EVER.