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    Intel HD Graphics with Windows 7 Image SCCM




      I am totally stumped on this. I have been working on this for 3 days solid.  Has anyone had an issue with the Intel HD card on a Windows 7 image using SCCM?  My image is pretty straight forward.  It was created with SCCM "build and capture" process, which is basically a scripted install of windows, windows updates applied, then a script capture.  When I log on as ANY user (including local admin) I get an error "Windows cannot find gfxUI.exe".  When I right click on the desktop and do graphics properties, the same.  When I go into the adapter control panel, same thing.  This is on a Dell 4310 laptop.  When I install windows 7 by hand, i don't have this issue.  I have tried removed windows updates, any applications, but nothing.  So far I have gotten no where with Dell support.  Only got newest graphics and chipset drivers, but they didn't work.