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    Problem with wakeup of DP55KP


      I have just installed a new desktop board in my computer; my setup is:


      DP55KP with i7 870, 8 GB mem, RAID 10 array 4*640 GB and Windows 7 - 64-bit


      For the last 4 days the computer runs without problems during daytime but every morning when I come to office the computer is stopped.


      It does not react on any key or mouse event or pressing power button. So I have to press reset and hope that nothing is going wrong - raid array always needs to verity and rebuild after this.


      Since I cannot see what is going on and the only options seems to be resetting - I am not really sure what state it is in. I assume it is some kind of sleep mode where it does not react on key/mouse events (or USB is stopped). Key and mouse is microsoft wireless 2000.


      I have tried to find related options in BIOS and OS but without success.


      Has anyone experienced this behavour? Hope someone can help because I am really worried that one day I have lost data.



      Best regards,


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          Until you get a response from someone familiar with wireless peripherals I would suggest disabling the keyboard and mouse in device manager, restarting using the onscreen keyboard and enable the devices.  I assume you are using S3 with intermediate power management and must be in hibernation overnight.  The monitor or power supply could be aging.  Have the speakers on to determine where you are in startup.

          Update:  I realized that what I should suggest is removing the transmitter.  I try to keep the slot assignments the same as suggested by others but have found that changes with the system running can fix some sleep problems.  If your problem is hibernation the issue may differ.  Be aware that the system should wake from sleep to enter hibernation.  If it does not properly enter sleep you will probably find a rise in CPU fan speed.

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            I do not really understand what you mean by onscreen keyboard. If I disable keyboard and mouse I think I will have trouble restarting the computer properly. 


            Problem is also that I do not really know what kind of state it is in (hypernate, sleep mode etc.).


            I have tried attaching a wired USB keyboard without success. (it works normally but was unable to wake computer).


            Speaker is on and nothing is heard also I do not notice any reaction from fan.


            As I understand; you suggest trying differnet USB ports for the receiver! I will do that. I have tried moving it around when it was in "sleep" mode without success.

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              Check below settings..


              Go to device manager > Select Keyboard driver > Properties > Power Tab  > You will get an option "Allow this device to wake up " check teh box..


              Click Start > Click on Sleep > once the system is in sleep mode > press any key in the K/B.



              If the sleep mode is working fine you can check whether this solution will help to resolev the issue which you have reported ..




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                Skip the disable.  It could make a difference to uninstall in device manager but without monitoring the registry it is probably best to just physically remove the transmitter and replace in the same USB port.  There should be a notice that mouse and or keyboard have been lost.  If you have a bad port try another.

                Watch for the shutdown when the specified time set in power management is reached for sleep.  The setting for hibernation is in addition to sleep time.  There is no noticeable difference between the two but the computer should wake from sleep so that it can write the desktop and system state to disk.  If you have S1 set in BIOS then the start menu power options will include a hibernate option.  I haven't seen a difference between that and S3.  After pressing the power button you should see a Resuming message.  Waking from sleep is accomplished by pressing the mouse button.  The monitor normally wakes by moving the mouse.

                You should hear the windows starting sound when you reach the desktop even if you have a blank screen.