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    RST - moving non-raid drive with data to RAID enabled sata port?


      Building a new system with P55 Raid.  Enabling Raid on the 6 sata ports, planning on Matrix Raid implementation for two new 1TB HDD.


      I need to move over a non-Raid 1TB drive containing data, but it comes from a system that did not have the Raid enabled, therefore would be classified as Not Raid-Ready.


      Am I correct in assuming that plugging the non-Raid drive into the Raid enabled SATA ports will cause problems?


      If so, I expect I am lucky the new MOBO has a couple other SATA ports I can use for the non-Raid disk with data.  I was thinking I could copy the data off the non-Raid drive to one of the new volumes when complete, then move the drive to one of the Raid SATA ports, become "Raid Ready", then move the data back. (there is only about 250MB of data)  If this is the right path, I guess reformatting the drive when moving back to the Raid SATA port would be the right approach, to make sure it is clean under Raid-ready.


      Coments appreciated.




      P.S. Most of the RST documentation shows ICH and their capabilities.  Is it correct when looking at documentation like the RST RAID migration matrix, that the P55 is considered "PCH"?

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          Yes P55 is PCH.


          So you have three 1TB and you want to RAID two of them for the OS? and want to have this other 1TB with data on as a single drive with the data you have on it right.


          Yes you can do the above on the same controller all under RAID but it would be best to RAID the two 1TB first (the ones without data on) so you don't mix it up with the 1TB with Data on then you can install windows of the RAID with RAID enabled and see your other 1TB as a single.