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    Audio 'crackles/sizzle' - change Power Management settings?


      I have a home recording studio based around Sonar with a MAudio Delta66 interface and occasionally get the dreaded low level 'crackle' or 'sizzle' noise on recorded tracks. It's such an extremely elusive nuisance, as evidenced by the enormous number of threads on various forums. In my case I can sometimes get rid of it by exiting and re-opening Sonar (why should that change anything??), or by changing something in Sonar's audio settings and then changin it back again - but all that is probably co-incidence!

      Although not a tech-type, I can see from the various forums that this could be related to a zillion different things from buffer and latency settings in Sonar to unplugging any LAN connections and excess USBs, but I came across some other advice which I wanted to check here first.


      Some advocate changing the BIOS power management settings, specifically changing to 'disable' the following: Speedstep, CPU C State, QPI power management, and C1E.  Is this ok to do?   
      Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions!