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    Remote Control via WiMax


      Hello  Intel experts,

        I am going to control my entry door by my Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop embeded 4G WiMax mobile broadband. I use two proximity sensors to recognise opening/closing position of the door and two contactors to change the rotational direction of door motor. I am looking for a  WiMax chipset which can connect to my Laptop via WiMax channel and can program for two digital inputs / two digital outputs. I knew Intel has some WiMax chipsets, e.g. Intel WiMax connection 2310R radio system-in-package, but I could not find datasheet and program toolkit for these Intel chipsets. I wonder who can advise me about the right selection of Intel chipset and supports for completing my project.

      Thank you very much and best wishes!

      Yours truly,

      Minh Tri