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    Celeron 335


      I have an Acer Aspire T320 that I am using for my web sppliance. It seems that the CPU power states are not working as well as I would like.


      I am using Ubuntu Linux and cpufrequtils does not like the machine and fails on boot, likely due to the kernel not being compiled properly for it.


      Intel has a technology called Speed Step so I was wondering if C1 (50% clock) will still come up given no OS ACPI support for the hardware.

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          Is this a notebook we are talking about??

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            No its a tower machine. Celeron 335 socket 478 etc.

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              478 socket we are talking about a old machine . If you look on ebay you can find CPUs for the 478 up to 3.6 for next to nothing. and cheap ram so you could up grade both . for not alot of $$$

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                I know its an old machine but I was juts wanting to find the best software to allow the CPU to doze etc when the load is low.


                C0 is most active state

                C1 is 50%

                Cx slower


                I found a tool called PowerTop that Intel developed and that tool tells me the CPU is sweeping in load but its not showing C states as the kernel lacks an option that I have inquired about with my distribution as well as with the kernel crowd.


                I might get a new board for the machine next year depending on how much I make.


                I recently got my Microsoft MVP so I am now looking for better paid work.

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                  Another issue that I have found is tha t Intel's PowerTop tool, while good, as for a kernel feature that is still not available.


                  I wonder if using ACPI and so on might be a better angle?

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                    Man if you can find a good price on a P4 extreme 478, that would be the way to go , the # is SL7CH , 3.4, 2MB L3 , I've got one of these in a old HP with 4 GB and it Fly's.

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                      If I go that route, I have another motherboard that needs an AMD CPU. That or I can find a different MB and CPU and go from there.


                      The machine has a better PSU that the original crappy one Acer originally supplied.


                      Locally a Celeron for LGA775 is chump change, and a MB is also peanuts.


                      The new models of Celeron are down to 35W but I am hoping for even less.


                      A low power server means lower operating costs and increased productivity.


                      My BIOS on the current MB doe not support a faster CPU, so best I can use a Pentium 2.8E but I am not interested in that processor.


                      I am more wondering if Intel can do more with PowerTop and CPUfreqUtil to manage their processor power consumption.


                      At present CPUfreqUitl does not like any machine I have. So it needs to be fixed.


                      I am OK with C++ but this would be a hard project indeed.