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    RAID 1 on server board S3420GP


      Have 1x 250GB SATA on port 0 and 2x 500GB SATA on port 1-2. I am thinking to install SBS 2008 on the 250GB port 0 just by itself, but put those other two 500GB hard drives on port 1-2 as RAID 1 for data redundancy. Is this possible?


      Have tried to set ESRT in BIOS and loaded RAID driver during installation, but the OS installation only sees my 500GB as in RAID 1 (appears as in 1x HDD), but didn't find my 250GB (port 0) which I wish to install on. In RAID configuration (control + e), I have assigned those two 500GB HDD from port 1-2 to be as of RAID 1, and left the 250GB alone. I know I must have been missing something. But I am not knowledgeable enough to troubleshoot myself.


      To be exact, should I be choosing Matrix RAID in BIOS setup, rather than ESRT? Either way, if it is possible, then what RAID Management program should I use after OS installation to manage my RAID 1.


      Sorry for the dumb question, but I am no expert in server matter and RAID 1 involved with 3x hard drives. Looked through a several mobo RAID manual and user guides, but didn't really mention about my scenario.  Please give me some advice, I really appreciate it.