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    unattended upgrade with ADDLOCAL


      Hi there.

      I'm facing a problem with software upgrade and adding some features to it, at the same time.

      I'm trying to upgrade Intel Pro Set to 12.1.2, and trying to add WIFI_SSO and WIFI_PLC to software configuration.

      I'm using a command:

      <path_to_msiexec>\msiexec /i "<path_to_installer>\Intel PROSet Wireless.msi" /qn ADDLOCAL=WIFI_Driver,WIFI_SSO,WIFI_PLC REBOOT=ReallySuppress


      the only thing I'm getting is: software upgrade installed as default, no WIFI_SSO or WIFI_PLC installed.

      If I re-enter above command once again, it will install WIFI_SSO and WIFI_PLC features.

      My question is: can I have upgrade software and changing features at the same time?


      OS=XP PRO





      solved by running batch file with 3 lines in it:

      1 line - silent upgrade (it installs everythin as it was in previous installation


      3 line - REMOVE (every functionality that is not needed eg: Admin_Toolkit)


      is there a other way to do it?