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    Anyone can help me : DG41WV


      Last night when I flashed the Bios 0014, everythings seem OK but the 2 beep sound disappeared.   Anyone having the same case ?



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          Well, it seems before your new BIOS flash, you would hear two beeps when you started your PC.  Now you do not hear any, right?


          All motherboards I have worked with beep once or not at all when the PC starts and everything is fine.  If you had two beeps, maybe something was not quite right, or the BIOS had a problem.  If everything is fine with the new BIOS except the beeps are gone, I think that there is no problem.

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            Hi, thats not entirely true, there are quite a few intel boards that have to beeps, one before and one after post, i have also seen boards wher ethey will beep when the initialise certain different components. Regarding the ops question if i get a chance i will find the board and test later on

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              Hi i can confirm that the beeps that were normal have indeed gone in teh latest BIOS whether the have menat ot do this or not i do not know, but i dont see it as an issue.

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                Make sure the flash actually worked.  If the second slow stage did not list the flashing then it did not work.  Enter system information to see what the BIOS is listed as.

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                  The latest BIOS 0014 does remove the beep. I've confirmed this with over 10 DG41WV boards. 

                  You may also want to check your memory speed. I bet it's at 800MHz and when you try to change it to 1066MHz, you'll run into POST problems.

                  This board is a poor design. I'm still trying to get the board to operate at 1066MHz. I've tried 7-7-7-18 to 24 and 8-8-8-18 to 24 and all will give memory error on POST. It will only take 800MHz.


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                    always so nice when folks give the details!


                    Your processor has a FSB of 800MHZ.

                    The FSB can't run faster than the processor (but most faster memory will clock down)


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