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    DP55WB LAN speed negotiated max 10 Mbps




      I just installed w7 64 bit to PC with DP55WB mobo and noticed rather soon that LAN connection is negotiated to 10Mbps. When increased manually the connection is broken and NIC led goes off. I tested with the several switches - 10/100/1000 and also with another 10/100 switch.

      Finally installed windows XP an found just the same behavior - LAN speed can't be raised above 10 Mbps.

      With some googling I found several other threads with similar slow connection problems with the same mobo but no replies.

      After Bios has been updated to latest 0310, the max speed is still negotiated to 10Mbps but can be set manually to 100Mbps full duplex.

      Is there any more info available about this mobo LAN issue?


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          After repeative w7 64 LAN driver updates  the negotiated speed was bumped up to 1 Gbps.

          I downloaded and installed LAN driver 5/14/2010  v.15.3 several times as device manager network driver properties refuses to display anything but 12/04/2010 v. MS Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher. To my surprise finally after hours of troubleshooting the negotiated speed was raised to 1Gbps.

          I haven't checked with to updated XP drivers but used just ones supplied on accompanying CD.

          It leaves me into confusion - is there a flaw in motherboard hardware, drivers or drivers installation?