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    FC-LGA 6 vs. FC-LGA 8


      Hi everyone! Sorry for English, but i'll try to explain.


      I want to know - why I can't use Intel Core2Duo Processors E7xxx & E8xxx series and some Intel Dual Core E6xxx with MBs based on Intel 945G chipset, but in same time some MB makers claim that these above mentioned series can be used on MBs with 'Intel® 945GC Express Chipset'.

      In other words  - where is the exact difference between FC-LGA 6 and FC-LGA 8 packages? Is it an electric (socket pins used) or a software(BIOS) matter?

      For instances: - Intel® Core™2 Extreme Processor X6800 can be used on - 945P (only?, according to http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=27258&processor=X6800&spec-codes=SL9S5 ), 975X, P35, X38, X48 [ with VID Voltage Range - 0.8500V-1.5V]; - Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E7600 can be used on MBs with chipsets according to http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=41495 , [ VID Voltage Range 0.8500V-1.3625V]

      Now I'm using Pentium D 945 [bios & "Asus Probe" show about 1.2 V core voltage] and I can use X6800, C2D E6xxx or E2xxx according to supported CPUs. I don't see here a dependence from power consumption ( X6800 TDP >> E7600 !), i.e.  'VID Voltage Range' , south bridge or memory type (DDR2 or DDR3).

      I'm looking for the upgrading my pc (3 years old! and no repairs any part of it!)) , so Intel, please "gimme a light" on this issue!

      P.S.I searched many trade sites (like ebay, newegg and others), but no luck to get affordable supprted cpus OR  I need simply throw out my working PC and switch to notebooks?

      My PC: cpu - Pentium D945; mb - asus P5LD2-VM DH (rev 2, C2D supported, based on Intel 945G chipset); mem - 3 * 1GB;

      From Q1 follows


      For my next PC(motherboard)  i want to realize next tasks:

      a) as audio, video & security(for cameras) storage with AUTO enabling & disabling HDDs ( case InWIN Q500)

      b)  User's configurated PC i.e. for each OS (linux, windows etc.) => different configurations, including:

      - turn ON & turn OFF HDDs (TOTALLY POWER OFF, but not only in 'Device Manager' !);

      - turn ON & turn OFF (POWER !) different PCI, PCe etc. slots.

      - auto loading different PC configurations (OSs) or on user's wish ( just as it realized for my current P5LD2-VM DH through pushing "F8", but I want more than that !)

      Thank you in advance for your attention & advaces.

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          Hey! Anybody? I'm here alone with this matter? Ok, let's go through it. Anyway this question is obsolete and it's seems to me Intel don't want discuss a "nasty" question for them. Go to AMD then? And let's see what they will suggest about unlocking "issues"! I think this topic can be closed. The time is ticking.